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Inland Regional Center

1365 S. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino, CA, 92408, US


Master Trust of California

Request to Fund True-Link Debit Card

Please fill out form completely. If you need assistance with this form, please contact:

Trina Boyce – Senior Trust Associate at 909-382-4833

Vanesa Macias - Trust Associate at 909-382-4678

Cheyenne Dixon - Account Technician at 909-

Hazel Harmon - Account Technician, at 909-890-3427

TrueLink card requests are reviewed and processed each Thursday with funds available next business day.  Receipts for purchases or services must be submitted to Master Trust after purchases are made with the TrueLink card. Failure to submit receipts may result in suspension of TrueLink card.

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